Thematic scope


The aim of the conference is to present and exchange good practices for the use of e-learning and modern multimedia tools in the teaching of foreign languages, in particular for conducting academic language courses and teaching technical content (both at university and secondary level).

The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Compatibility of e-learning tools with traditional language teaching techniques;
  • E-learning and methodologies for teaching foreign languages ​​- similarities and differences;
  • From content user to content creator - process steps and practical tips;
  • Teaching the four main language skills on the Moodle platform;
  • Verifying specialist language skills using the Moodle platform;
  • Selection and adaptation of materials;
  • Selection of appropriate tools for teaching academic / specialist language;
  • Blended learning or distance learning - challenges and opportunities;
  • Online tutoring and mentoring;
  • Apps for learners of foreign languages;